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September 23 2017

El Tiempo Reaches US Market with Programmatic Sales

Why should you read this case study?

Because reaching new audiences can be the key to boosting your programmatic revenue.
Maya Lawrence

Learn how Smart helped El Tiempo reach new US Spanish-speaking audiences. With ads from brands like Netflix, programmatic stake in revenues jumped from 4.2% to 14.8%.


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The Challenge

El Tiempo challenged Smart to boost monetization by reaching new clients: premium US-based advertisers looking to advertise to Spanish-speaking audiences. With no dedicated personnel in the US, El Tiempo needed to monetize through automated channels.


+ Smart connects with high-quality DSP partners, giving El Tiempo opportunities to link with premium brands.
Smart helped El Tiempo connect with agency trading desks looking to buy high-quality inventory, such as Affiperf (Havas).
US – based advertiser Netflix, who had a desire to reach Spanish-Speaking audiences, began purchasing from El Tiempo through Smart RTB+.
+ Smart RTB+ provided new insight with regards to ROI
El Tiempo learned that the return of ads targeted to their hispanic audience in the United States could be higher than their readers in LATAM.
+ Smart ensured revenues were complementary, not hijacked
Smart’s programmatic real-time bidding solution was used as a complement to other SSPs already running on El Tiempo’s network. All revenues
are in addition to those supplied by other technologies.
+ Smart supplied a comprehensive gallery of innovative and high-impact Rich Media and video formats
Smart delivered a turnkey solution to distribute Rich Media and video formats across all screens. Ready-to-use templates such as interstitials, Video Layers, and Video Reads required no technical expertise to use.


Programmatic stake in revenues jumped from 4.2% to 14.8% in two years’ time.

Words from the client and partner

“By integrating a cross-screen open ad server, Smart AdServer made it easy for us to get into the game and move ahead, as we began quickly and inexpensively to run lucrative rich-media ads from brands that would have been out of reach for our direct-sales team… It makes no economic sense for us to put a salesperson in Los Angeles. The rise of programmatic, though, has made it possible for us to run ads from great companies based in L.A. and all over the world — offering impressions, booking the sale, and running the ads in less than a second.”
– Chief Digital Officer Daniel Rojas Rincon

“Buying quality inventory at scale is always important. We’re very happy to be able to access the great content and audience of El Tiempo programmatically, and to easily run rich-media and video ads there.”
– Chief Digital Officer Daniel Rojas Rincon

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