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January 07 2016

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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Maya Lawrence

The end of the year is certainly a time for celebration, reminiscing, and resolutions. But the beginning of the year is the time for predictions! So, what awaits the ad tech industry this year? Peruse our list of the Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 to discover what’s in…and what’s out!

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top 6 digital marketing trends

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

What’s In: Mobile-only
What’s Out: Mobile-first

In 2015, for the first time ever, mobile-only users surpassed desktop-only users in the US. The country’s digital ad spend on mobile is expected to increase from 52.4% in 2015 to 62.6% in 2016. The trend is apparent when we consider that most active users of the world’s largest social networking service are mobile-only: last quarter, Facebook reported 727 million mobile-only users, 658 million mobile/desktop users and 160 million desktop-only users.


What’s In: Full-stack Holistic Platforms
What’s Out: The Ad Server is Dead

The ad server isn’t dead, it’s just gotten a makeover. Traditional ad servers and SSPs have integrated to provide better service for cross-platform, cross-device premium publishers, mastering not only manual and automated workflow, but everything in between.


What’s In: Automated Guaranteed
What’s Out: Manual Ad Operations
Programmatic spending is up about 20% annually in the US, and 42% of display spending will come through automated guaranteed sales in 2016. The IDC predicts that by 2018, over $28 billion of ad inventory in Europe will be sold through automated guaranteed. In 2015, 81% of agency trading desks reported that embracing the sales channel was a priority for them.


What’s Out: Programmatic for Banner Ads in Standard Format
What’s In: Programmatic in Rich Media Formats

The CTR of rising stars was already 70% higher than that of standard placements back in 2013. Remnant inventory prices are plummeting while premium and guaranteed placements are on the rise. Earlier this year, buyer requests for rich media mobile ad formats were up to 27%.


What’s In: The In-stream Out-stream Native Combo
What’s Out: In-stream

In 2015, we saw a 70% boost in mobile video ad spend and US advertisers are poised to spend over $5 billion on mobile video ads alone in 2019. The country’s native ad spend is expected to hit $5.7 billion by 2016 and a study commissioned by Teads notes that 77% of agencies worldwide stated that out-stream ads would be more or much more important to their clients’ overall ad portfolios in the future. We’re convinced that the only way to fully capture viewers is by proposing solutions that offer the opportunity to reach people through all three formats.


What’s In: Consensual Advertising: Native Ads as a Solution to Ad Blockers
What’s Out: Intrusive Assault Advertising

As of 2014, 53.5% of US publishers offered a native solution, while 19% plan to do so in the next year or next few years. Adblocking has risen 41% globally, with 77 million users blocking in Europe and 45 million blocking in the US. Conservative predictions of native ad spending in 2018 top $8.8 billion, as compared to $2.2 billion in 2013.


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