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May 25 2018

Last Call for GDPR

Why should you read this article?

Because GDPR goes into effect today and publishers need to make sure they've covered all their bases.
Mathilde Pasquali

The new European rules and regulations are coming into force today! Are you sure you’ve done everything to be GDPR compliant?

Check out this recap, to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

Environment Retrieve and store user consent Pass along consent to the advertising chain Recommended timeline 
Web and mobile web Choose a CMP. The list of IAB approved CMPs is here.

Smart has developed a CMP for web.

Pass the consent string generated by the CMP to your partners.

For Smart customers:

Read how to transmit the consent information to Smart’s ad calls based on how you’re integrated with Smart.  

Before May 25th 
Mobile apps Choose a CMP. The list of IAB approved CMPs is here.

Smart has developed an open source CMP SDK for iOS and Android.

Upgrade application advertising SDK.

For Smart customers: Upgrade your Display SDK to version 6.9 & Instream video SDK to version 1.2.0.

 Before May 25th 

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GDPR will go into effect in 3 days. So, you’ve got 3 days left to ensure that all your digital assets are compliant with the new European rules and regulations. Here are a few reminders to help you get ready for Friday.

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