Article October 25 2016

Get Smart About Programmatic I/O NYC

Are you looking for demand-focused sessions at this year’s NYC Programmatic I/O? Our Demand Partners Manager Virgile Rault has compiled our “not to miss” list just for you.

Q&A October 21 2016

Client Q&A with Cooper Harris, CEO of Klickly

Cooper Harris, CEO of Klickly, discusses her nontraditional entry into digital advertising, her CTA award, and how Smart AdServer helps Klickly offer its customers a great mobile advertising solution.

Article August 03 2016

What’s a Full Stack Ad Platform for Publishers?

Full stack ad platforms have emerged as a solution to the challenges publishers face in an increasingly fragmented ad tech market. But what’s a full stack, really? And are all full stacks the same?

Article July 13 2016

Programmatic Glossary

The industry is fraught with digital advertising definitions, especially ones about programmatic. Our simple glossary defines the most important terms related to automated online advertising, from Header Bidding to Automated Guaranteed.

Article March 31 2016

Header Bidding: Don’t Believe The Hype

Smart AdServer’s US Country Manager Romain Job explains in which cases header bidding is a good alternative to waterfalling, and when you just shouldn’t believe the hype.

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