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October 12 2017

Let’s Talk Quality and Ads.txt

Why should you watch this video?

Because premium publishers and ad networks need to help advertisers buy with confidence.
Maya Lawrence

 The Advantage of Ads.txt

Ads.txt helps the sell-side reassure advertisers of inventory quality and authorship. Even more, it protects revenue by preventing bad actors from spoofing domains.

But what exactly is ads.txt? And how does ads.txt work?

Learn what publishers and demand partners have to say about the initiative. In this video filmed at dmexco 2017, you’ll hear from ebay, Styria, Mediasmart, and Netpoint Media.


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Ads.txt: Adopt or Be Blocked

Publishers who don’t implement ads.txt are being blacklisted by the buy side. Our advice? Implement it now so you don’t have problems later.

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