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Maya Lawrence

With the rise of GAFA and the ever-growing presence of media arbitrage, publishers have less and less visibility into the true value of their inventory. That’s precisely why the BVDW Programmatic Advertising Focus Group has agreed upon a Code of Conduct. Smart AdServer has signed the agreement and commits to its regulations.

Who is BVDW?

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. is an interdisciplinary foundation that represents the interests of companies in the field of interactive marketing, digital content, and interactive added value. As the German equivalent of the International Advertising Bureau, the organization’s goal is to make the efficiency and the benefits of digital media transparent while promoting their deployment on an economic, societal and political scale.

What is the Code of Conduct and What is Its Purpose?

The Code of Conduct is a rules and regulations agreement fostering transparency, quality, and safety in the programmatic market. The BVDW Programmatic Advertising Focus Group has agreed that the signatories must adhere to the Code of Conduct for their respective market sector (marketer / publisher, DSP, SSP, data provider). Each company is required to meet the requirements for all market sectors it covers. Moreover, if a company has a handle on the technology used, the responsibility goes back to the company. For instance, as a full stack solution in control of the technology it uses, Smart AdServer must meet the requirements for a publisher ad server and SSP.

Smart AdServer and approximately 40 vendors (ad networks, SSPs, DSPs and data providers) have signed this voluntary agreement. We have always been committed to giving publishers back control, but with this agreement, we are now officially subjecting our full stack offer to the highest standards.

Want more information on BVDW and the Code of Conduct?

Head to the BVDW web page, which is in German, but easily translatable through Google Translate: http://www.bvdw.org/index.php?id=4727

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Article July 23 2017

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