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Because measuring audience campaign data is extremely important on mobile.
Maya Lawrence

Nielsen Certification

Our full-stack ad technology platform has become the first ad server certified by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings in France and Europe. Publishers that distribute campaigns on mobile applications using Smart AdServer’s SDK can now, with the help of Nielsen distributor Mediametrie / NetRatings, offer advertisers the means to measure audience campaign data.

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What does Nielsen do?

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings measures reach and frequency per campaign target. The measurements first combine anonymous and aggregated demographic data supplied by Nielsen data partners. The data is then adjusted using information gathered from Mediametrie/ NetRatings audience panels.

What can be measured now?

Of France’s top 50 editors, 70% use Smart AdServer’s full stack, a combination of its ad server and its integrated SSP, Smart RTB+. The incorporation of the Nielsen measurement is quite a breakthrough; for the first time, campaigns distributed on mobile apps can be measured using indicators such as reach, frequency and GRP (Gross Rating Points). These KPIs, similar to those Nielsen uses to measure television campaigns, will allow advertisers to make relevant measurements and evaluations.

A valuable partnership with Nielsen

“Smart AdServer is a pioneer on mobile. We’re continuously developing new solutions, with the aim of offering clients useful tools with which to maximize campaign efficiency,” explains CEO of Smart AdServer, Cyrille Geffray. “Nielsen is a market reference, so this integration provides added value for our publishers and their advertisers.”

Bertrand Krug, VP of Médiametrie/NetRatings, believes the partnership is well-timed, “Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings has established itself as the leader in advertising campaign measurement; with the current growth in mobile advertising, integrating with Smart AdServer will allow us to bring further improvements to multi-device campaign performances.”

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Article July 23 2017

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