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January 22 2016

Mobile and Video and Programmatic! Oh My!

Why should you read this article?

Because mobile, video and programmatic are the future of video advertising and you need to know why.
Maya Lawrence

Smart’s RTB Product Owner Elmostapha Beljebbar had the honor of giving a keynote speech at the “Programmatic Mobile Morning” event sponsored by TabMo this past December. He took on the challenging task of explaining programmatic video on mobile! The slideshow title, “Mobile and Video and Programmatic! Oh my!” explains it all — this topic is a handful. But the Product Owner intelligently broke down the three concepts and explained how they’re linked using market data to prove his point.

The result is a lesson that both beginners and experts alike can appreciate. Students, please take your seats!

Mobile and Video and Programmatic! Oh My! from Smart AdServer

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