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February 23 2017

Mobile Advertising Trends: A Pre-MWC Webinar

Why should you read this article?

Because you need to get yourself ready for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

Are you planning to attend Mobile World Congress this week? Get ready for the event by learning all you need to know about the hottest mobile advertising trends in 2017 and beyond!


Download the slides from our webinar to learn:

-The key global and European mobile advertising trends in 2017 and beyond.
-How quickly will the market grow.
-What we should expect in terms of ad-blocking, new formats like video, and web versus in-app opportunities.
-Best practices for embracing mobile advertising opportunities
-How Gonzague de La Tournelle of Madvertise diversified the ad network’s monetization strategy by integrating alternatives to mobile interstitials into the mix.


Get even more information from our mobile fact sheets:





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