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October 26 2017

Let’s Talk Private Marketplaces!

Why should you watch this video?

Because private marketplaces and deals seems to be where the market is heading.
Maya Lawrence

The advantage of a private marketplace (PMP)

Private marketplaces are attractive because they provide a level of quality and transparency that appeals to both the buy and sell side. Buyers can easily chose the best package (format + vertical) to fit their audience. They can even collect valuable data from private marketplaces, which is a plus during a time when data insights can make or break a campaign.

But what exactly is a private marketplace? And how does it work?

A private marketplace is an invitation-only RTB exchange that uses programmatic buying channels to auction premium inventory to a selected set of pre-approved buyers. So, what’s the industry saying about this buying method?

Find out what experts think in the second video from our dmexco 2017 Video Series.


“Let’s Talk Private Marketplaces!” Interviewees

MediaSmart – Mobile DSP, Spain

NetPoint Media – Ad network, Germany

Zebestof – DSP, France

Styria – Publisher, Austria

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