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Maya Lawrence

It’s not news that supply side actors, ad networks, and publishers are increasingly interested in the programmatic sale of their inventory. This case study brings insight about crucial questions often asked by publishers. For example, at which point should they opt for an RTB platform fully integrated into its ad server to drive higher revenue?

Antevenio is one of the biggest ad networks of premium publishers in Spain. Publishers, which include MTV and BBC, reach a total of 12 million users. We’ve been working closely with this well-known client for five years, providing traditional ad serving. They first chose to work with major supply-side platforms to boost programmatic sales, but the eCPM generated through automated sales didn’t meet their expectations.

To drive higher revenues from non-premium inventory, Antevenio opted for Smart AdServer RTB+, our fully integrated RTB platform. They soon came to realize that the monetization of inventory requires deeper and more granular control of said inventory. That means being able to let programmatic and direct sales compete.

Learn more: Why a holistic  “RTB  + ad server”approach is vital for publishers who want to drive higher revenue.

Check out the case study below to learn how Antevenio’s eCPM rose 20% using Smart AdServer’s RTB+. 

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