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About This Blog


About this blog

This blog provides current news and information about ad tech. Our goal is to provide a forum for dialogue for those who want to learn more about this online advertising industry and Smart AdServer’s role in it. We are convinced than our point of view, which is that of a real insider,  can help our readers truly understand not only current trends, but future challenges as well.

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About Smart AdServer

By integrating functionality that enables auctions, forecasting, and custom ad units – including mobile and video – within its platform, Smart AdServer puts publishers back in control. Smart AdServer technology enables publishers to maximize yield in both premium and programmatic without spending on third party vendors.

Founded in 2001, and with offices in 10 countries, Smart AdServer works with more than 450 publishers around the world and is the privileged partner of premium media companies who emphasize their strategic autonomy, including Hi Media, Axel Springer, Tomorrow Focus Media, SFR, Orange, Le Figaro, Le Monde, IQ Digital, and L’Equipe.


 Authors and contributors

–  Chloé BARRAULT, former Marketing Analyst.  You can access all her posts here:

–  Marine DESOUTTER,  Product Marketing Manager. You can access all her posts here:

–   Loïc GIRON DIT METAZ, Developer, Mobile Team. You can access all his posts here:ïc

–  Maya LAWRENCE, Content Marketing Manager.  You can access all her posts here:

–   Elisée NANMEGNI, former International Community Manager. You can access all his posts here:

–   Virgile RAULT, Demand Partners Manager. You can access all his posts here: 


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Email us at: contact (at) smartadserver (dot) com

Our headquarters in Paris:  Smart AdServer – 66 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin – 75009 Paris