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Top 15 Android devices by ad impressions before Galaxy SIV launch

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March 14, 2013


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Top 15 Android devices by ad impressions before Galaxy SIV launch

2012 was a key year when Android devices overtook iOS  in terms of mobile traffic (usage)  and also in terms of advertising traffic: Android devices now account for 50% of mobile ad impressions, far ahead of iOS (37%)

As the new Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to be presented later today, we were curious to know which Android devices  have triggered the biggest number of ad impressions worlwide in this first weeks in 2013.


top android devices 2013

Samsung Galaxy SII still tops mobile ad impression on Android (15%), slightly ahead of Galaxy SIII (14%).Samsung accounts for 60% of android ad impressions,  Sony Ericsson 15%, HTC 9%, Amazon (with its Kindle range) 3%.

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