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London Olympics 2012: The impressive Mobile Infographic

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September 11, 2012


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London Olympics 2012: The impressive Mobile Infographic

Mobile has been redesigning the digital landscape, even in sports channels. That’s no news, this is not a fad, it’s a point our last Euro 2012 mobile infographic highlighted, it’s just the beginning of a new shift. This interesting infographic made on a panel of premium european mobile publishers shows : London 2012 Summer Olympics went even more mobile than Euro 2012.

Olympics 2012

36,8% of Olympics 2012 digital traffic on sports sites in Europe mobile traffic came from mobile devices compared to 20,5% during Euro 2012.

This mobile wave is not just caused by a seasonal effect, the evolution since summer 2011 speaks for itself. It’s also confirmed by several other studies : London 2012 Official Committee claims 60% of visits to London 2012 official site came from mobile; in Canada, mobile traffic even amounted to 70% of digital traffic, according to Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium.

These figures differ pretty well from the infographic, it’s just the sources are different : this infographic is based on several international publishers, (see the list below ) and not just on one source, however legimitate it might be.

More surprisingly,mobile apps traffic even climbed to almost 33% of all digital traffic,since Euro 2012In the meantime, the mobile web traffic didn’t change that much. Would that be connected by a post Euro boost in app downloads ?
 iOS & standard banners won the Summer 2012 Olympic Gold Medals, after winning the Euro 2012.

iOS was still the most ad served OS before Android among the mobile web traffic. The Mobile rich media share soared too, reaching 20,2% of mobile ad impressions delivered during the competition, with a 5,3% average CTR .

Traffic peaks are really tied to national performance and medal hopes: Andy Murray & Chris Hoy’s Sprint Team (UK), Teddy Riner & Men’s Handball Team (FRA), Men’s BeachVolley & Hockey Team (GER), Men’s Basketball Team (SPA), Men’s Waterpolo Team (ITA) , Weightlifter Adrian Zielinksi (POL).
Sports interests differs really from one country to another one, depending on their own areas of excellence. Country profile differs a lot too: Spanish was mostly driven by Basket where mobile peaks can be explained in United Kingdom by a whole array of differents sports.

About the methodology :

This data was taken from several dozens of premium leading publishers on Football & Sports sites in 7 Western Europe countries , such as Bild Sport, L’Equipe, Marca, El Mundo Deportivo, Eurosport, MobilesRepublic, App Ran Mobile, RMC Sport, Sport1…all being ad served by Smart AdServer.

All data comparison made in this infographic was made on the same perimeter basis, matching all required criteria needed for this purpose. Therefore, Overtime comparison were studied on the same sample of European publishers sites, digital share & traffic share among publishers with a platform on each of these supports.>


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